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Thinking of Ireland and the Irish today

A really significant anniversary today – the anniversary of the Easter Rising at Dublin Post Office in 1916. It’s a moment to reflect on the awful events of the last one hundred years in Ireland and also in Great Britain. We should never forget our role in this appalling series […]

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Clarkson: The BBC had no choice

I am reproducing in full the summary text of the BBC report on the Clarkson incident, below. I am just utterly breathless that anyone can think the BBC did anything except the completely unavoidable. They took the only action they could take in the circumstances. Louise Mensch came up with this comment: […]

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My York conference diary

I’ve written this diary as a reminder to myself as to what I did at York. Also, as I am an elected representative, I feel duty bound to report back to local party members.Photo above is of Nick at his Q&A on Saturday. Friday 7th March I travelled to and […]

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Another US state declares war on underpants

In May last year I did a tour d’horizon of bans on saggy trousers/visible underwear in the States. Now Tennessee has passed a law outlawing students from showing their underpants, and it awaits the governor’s signature. Needless to say, writing a blog with “Liberal” in its title, I think this is all crazy. But […]

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Politics – cognitive bias on steroids?

The BBC’s Horizon recently broadcast a wonderful programme called: “How you really make decisions”. The BBC’s website has a detailed write-up of the programme’s themes: With every decision you take, every judgement you make, there is a battle in your mind – a battle between intuition and logic. And the intuitive part of your […]

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In praise of French democracy

On board Eurostar, homeward bound after a Parisian Easter break, I am, as always, full of praise and affection for La France. In the area where we were staying, activity on behalf of the Socialist candidate, for the forthcoming Presidential election, was omni-present. I collected a sheaf of leaflets and […]

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