In May last year I did a tour d’horizon of bans on saggy trousers/visible underwear in the States.

Now Tennessee has passed a law outlawing students from showing their underpants, and it awaits the governor’s signature.

Needless to say, writing a blog with “Liberal” in its title, I think this is all crazy. But – big but – what US states do in their own domain is their look out.

To get things in perspective, Tennessee is famously the state wherein Jack Daniels is produced. Lynchburg, Tennessee specifically. They produce it there, but they cannot legally sell it there because Lynchburg is in Moore County, which is a “dry county”, meaning the sale of alcoholic beverages there is forbidden by law.

One of the world’s most famous drinks, produced in a place where you can’t legally buy it….sits comfortably alongside a law forcing kids to pull their trousers up, don’t it?

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