A fantastically morale-boasting article from Paddy in the Guardian today:

For the rightwing press, this was the perfect story; the perfect storm in which they held all the thunderbolts. It rolled up, in a single attack, three targets that they have long loved to hate: the Lib Dems, the coalition, and finally (and for them most deliciously) the Leveson proposals. That’s why they have devoted so many column inches, so much invective and such lip-smacking relish to the task. That was only to be expected. Fortunately in Nick Clegg, who has led our party to government after 70 years in the wilderness, we have a leader who has shown time and again that he has the resilience and strength to ignore all this and get on with the job.

There are some times in politics – and, with no newspaper to be our bugle, they come more often to Liberal Democrats than most – when you just have to stand there while the press dumps 10 buckets of manure over your head and still emerge, united, fighting. And, as hopefully Friday morning’s news will show, winning as well.

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