Wendy’s is in ‘good shape,’ stock is oversold

Wendy’s is in ‘good shape,’ stock is oversold

Albemarle: “They’re in the penalty box.”

Iron Mountain: “Iron Mountain’s good.”

Realogy Holdings: “Full disclosure: my wife works for them. I think that it’s O.K. I do worry about the housing market. I think the housing market is just, for what they do, just O.K., not good enough. I’m going to say it’s a cheap stock. I hesitate to say more than that.”

Wendys: “Everyone thinks that Wendy’s and McDonald’s are going to be in an incredible war over breakfast. I think that Wendy’s is in good shape and the stock is overdone on the down side. I may be want to wait until it goes under $20 to buy some, but I really like Wendys.”

CME Group: “CME Group is best in show. … It is doing very, very well.”

Annaly Capital: “We don’t really know what’s inside of Annaly Capital, so therefore we do not recommend the stock.”

Hershey: “It was not a great quarter to be honest. I really do prefer Mondelez. I think it’s a better and more simple story.”

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