I do believe that AT&T is a good stock

I do believe that AT&T is a good stock

Granite Construction: With “so much rancor in Washington, I don’t think there could possibly be an infrastructure bill. Let’s stay away.”

Twist Bioscience: “It is way too risky.”

Intuit: “I like Intuit so much. … I say buy.”

Southern Co.: “I would rather see you in Dominion, which I think is cheaper, or ConEd by the way, ED, which I feel is kind of an asset-light utility.”

MetLife: “Not a big fan of the insurers right here because of the way the yield curve is. We’re going to take a pass. Not recommending any of them at this very moment.”

Inphi Corp.: “I think it’s a good situation. I happen to like that cohort very much and that one’s a fine one.”

AT&T: “The downgrade was significant, sir. … I do believe that AT&T is a good stock. I like what Elliott’s doing. I wish the stock would settle down. Maybe you get it at $36 and we can pull the trigger, but I tell you it was a devastating downgrade because it basically said that there’s no growth at all.”

Duke Energy: “I like Duke. … I actually prefer you to do Dominion, which I think is you know gives you 4.4% [yield], it’s got better growth characteristics, and that’s what we really like.”

L3Harris Technologies: “I think that L3Harris is a buy right here and I think that, actually, if you can get it below $210 it’s a good situation.”

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